Sissy Femininity

My being away for the day seems opportune for Diane and Paul to have the house to themselves today, but Paul is out of town.  Diane's cravings for a "real man" might have to wait as much as another week.  i understand i can't and won't fill that void, but She knows i'm available to provide Her with pleasure as best as i can, in the ways that i can.

In the meantime here are a few pictures that, when i first saw them, made me think about how sissies like me (raise your hand out there if you're like me...lol), might view femininity differently than the real women in their lives, or even real men.

There's plenty that's pretty about this picture.  i love the matching bra and panties but i'm also intrigued by the pink phone.  Which one would make the more significant sissy statement in your home?

i love being a sissy wife and doing all the domestic chores that come with it.  The chores can become quite tedious at times though.  What if we were required to use a clothesline instead of a dryer?  Putting our femininity on display for the neighbors to see could be pretty thrilling!

Sometimes i see a panty that catches my eye.  This panty is one of them.  Anything with pink catches my attention but maybe it's the pink/black combo along with the lace and ruffles that make these special.  Whatever it is, i'm sure i stared at them longer than any woman would!

High heels and little girl ruffled anklet socks?  Whew...very sissy.


sissy terri