Mostly Domme

I can't believe it's been more than four months since I've posted here.  I really thought it was about two months ago so I guess it's time I make a contribution here.

First let me say that I'm quite pleased with the way my wonderful sissy wife has grown into her role as my submissive sissy cuckold.  It's mostly because of her efforts (and my guidance of course) that this whole thing works as well as it does.  She's learned to effectively manage the domestic aspect of the household while I hold down a full time job and keep a pretty active love life on the side.  Isn't life wonderful?

I never thought this would work by the way; at least not this well.  I was filled with doubts, my own and some of my wife's.  Her doubts always troubled me more than my own.  I wondered just how she'd react to being a real cuckold.  So far so good.  The true test will come when I decide the time is right to let Paul know "the real story" of how I want terri involved and all about our lifestyle. 

I've dropped a few hints here and there and I think he might be starting to paint a picture in his mind.  A few more hints and we might soon be discussing next steps.  Soon is a relative term though.  I'm a very patient person.  Paul's dominant nature and love of kinky sex could make this happen sooner rather than later :)

I also want to briefly discuss a comment that was left by one of the blog's readers last week.  There were two comments actually, both of which have been removed by the person who posted them.  The comments were a direct shot at me for how I treated terri last Wednesday by failing to let her know that I wouldn't be showing up at our house with Paul for my regular Wednesday afternoon sex session.

I'm far from perfect.  However, in a Female Led Relationship which unless you're missing the point, is the type of relationship terri and I are in, the woman calls the shots.  It's pretty simple.  What part of that don't some submissives get?  I could have called terri sooner but I didn't.  Whether I chose not to or got carried away and forgot isn't the point.  It was up to me to do what I wanted.  I don't consider that being disrespectful of my submissive.  The sooner a sub learns these lessons the happier they will be.

My fun with Paul continues to be pretty kinky, something that terri doesn't mention here on this somewhat "PG-rated" blog.  She avoids mentioning that Paul is quite the Dominant lover and I love the different type of sex I get to enjoy with him.  Rare are the times that we're together that I don't get my bottom spanked!  There's also some light bondage and other types of discipline that make our sex together very hot.

I'm not bringing this up to intentionally embarrass my husband-turned-sissy wife, although it very well may.  Not everyone can enjoy different types of sex and play different roles.  Some of us can switch (with the right person) and others are just natural "fits" for either the Dominant or submissive role.   And just so you know, I think Terri's on her way to becoming an excellent submissive.

In closing let me just share with you what prompted today's hurried posting.  Just about an hour ago, my sweet wife sent me an email with the following picture and asked me "Is this why you married me?"

Terri has many more excellent qualities about her than her tongue and I love her dearly.  However, her tongue is the most useful sexual organ she has.  And I plan on putting it to good use tomorrow after my Wednesday afternoon sex session with Paul!

Ms. Diane