Her Princess

Last night was a little emotional for me, not in a real bad way but just a bit.  Diane spent more time with Paul than She usually does yesterday afternoon while i waited for him to leave.  It turns out that something that happened between them led to a discussion about our relationship (Diane and i) and She shared with Paul that She was dominant over me.

i won't share the specifics of what led to the discussion.  i'm hoping Diane will do that soon since She could relay the story far better than i could.  She was there and anything i would write would by definition be hearsay.  So for now, i'll leave out those details.

Diane feels that Paul's knowledge that i'm submissive to Diane is a big step towards becoming more open with him about my being Her sissy cuckold and eventually, letting me become a part of what they do.  It's something we've both wanted but when the reality hits you about what he now knows it's challenging to deal with.  And besides, i can be a very emotional sissy.  Just imagine if i was on hormones.

When i get a little emotional like this Diane usually hugs me and says "Don't worry princess, everything will be just fine."  She did that last night.

So with that thought, let me share a few sissy things with you.  These types of pictures always make me feel better :)

Saddle Shoes and Spankings
This little sundress would really brighten my day!

Princess Chloe
And finally, today i had a lovely conversation with another sissy cuckold who i've become friends with.  Sharing what happened with her really helped.  i felt like giving her a nice gurl on gurl kiss!

Princess Chloe

sissy terri