Altoids, Riding Crops & Tampons

i had to take a few days off from blogging because of an unexpected business trip to the west coast.  i also stayed there an extra day to visit a former colleague of mine who is now retired and living just outside of San Diego.  i got home last night, just in time to start my period.  Diane had the tampons and pads waiting for me when i arrived.  Any escape i have from being Her sissy wife is always temporary and never a return to full masculinity.

While i was away, Diane and Paul did have an opportunity to get together here yesterday afternoon, with the whole house to themselves, much as they did on Wednesday afternoon while i was out playing golf with some friends.  It was a hot afternoon on the golf course, but probably even hotter in the master bedroom back home.

i came home immediately after Diane texted me.  "Coast is clear" She wrote, meaning that Paul was leaving or had already left.  i was about 15 minutes away enjoying a cold drink in the club.  i excused myself and promptly went home.

Unless you've gone through the experience, it's hard to describe the emotions that run through you when you return to your house, enter the bedroom and view your wife along with the remnants of the lovemaking She's enjoyed with Her lover.  There's the sheets strewn all over the bed, pillows on the floor and your Wife laying there on the bed that may contain one or more wet spots as evidence of their lovemaking.

There are other things that might even be around that provide evidence of the kind of sex they had.  Prominently displayed on the nightstand was a riding crop.  It's a toy we've had for a long time, a toy that Diane's used on me.  This time i knew that Paul had used it on Diane.  i didn't have to see (although i couldn't help but notice) Her beautiful bottom with red swats on it to know She wasn't the one wielding the crop.  Diane had submitted to Paul that afternoon, making me feel even more submissive than usual. 

Next to the crop sat an opened and half empty box of peppermint flavored Altoids.  The powerfully flavored candies weren't used as breath mints; that much i knew.  Diane told me Paul likes the feeling they provide after She's had a few of them and puts his cock in Her mouth.

It was now my turn to have a few of the mints.  Diane loves them as much as Paul does when i lick Her.  Despite their strong minty taste, the taste of Paul's semen was still present and powerful; another reminder of my cuckold status.  i finished my duties by kissing and licking Diane's reddened bottom for a very long time. 

"It's been quite a satisfying afternoon" Diane said after enjoying the second orgasm She had from my oral attention.  She also allowed me to cum while i licked Her bottom.  Slowly moving my sissy clitty back and forth against the sheets while i tongued Her butt led to my own orgasm.

Satisfied with me, Diane got up and showered while i changed the bed sheets.  There were several wet spots on the sheets.  At least one of them was mine. 


sissy terri