More Sissy Primping

Diane was on call this weekend and despite not seeing Paul at all, seemed to be in a rather pleasant overall mood.  We went out to dinner on Saturday night and She looked very beautiful.  Perhaps it's because of my cuckold status, but i can't help but notice how many men look Her over very closely.  The looks She sometimes gets makes me a little self conscious and then i start wondering if others just think i'm a lucky husband or suspect that i'm a cuckold?  Strange how a submissive sissy's mind works isn't it?

Here's a follow up to yesterday's post about sissy primping.  i love the feeling of putting lipstick or lip gloss on and i also love how it feels on my lips.  i used to love putting my pretty pouted lips on Jake's lovely cock head.  i miss those days.  Enjoy.

Grateful Girl

sissy terri