Living as a Wife

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know that for the most part i live as my Dominant Wife Diane's "wife."  i do most of the housework, laundry and cooking (everything that is not done by our housekeeper who comes in once per week) and our relationship is set up so that i defer to Her on all household decisions.  i'm Her submissive sissy cuckold.  Our relationship is not much more complicated than that.

What makes everything complex is me and my emotions, fantasies, bisexual cravings and various fetishes.  i love being submissive but have a difficult time dealing with the emotional roller coaster that sometimes comes with it, especially when it comes to cuckolding.  Relinquishing all authority to my Wife also restricts my ability to fulfill my bi fantasies, and that's a big thing.  Diane understands and hasn't ruled out allowing me to see a man that meets Her approval.  But right now i'm not free to do that.

i'd love to dress just to please a Dominant Man
Just today, a follower of mine sent me the following note on my tumblr email.  i absolutely loved the note because it describes a situation i've often thought about:  being a submissive wife to a dominant man.  Here's what the note said in part....

"I think you would love to become the housewife of a man and every part of your life organised and devoted to pleasing him with no thoughts to your own pleasure. Even what you wear is no longer your choosing. It will be selected in advance some smart, some humiliating some kinky and some down right degrading but all to gain pleasure to your man." 

The more i read the note, the more i realize that it's 100% correct, so strong are my bisexual urges.  However, i'd never want to leave Diane for such a life.  That's the inner struggle someone like me, a submissive bisexual sissy, lives with most days.  i want, but can't have, the best of both worlds.


sissy terri