If They Could See Me Now

It's a very "housewifey" type of day today.  Some laundry, errands, grocery shopping and a little housework.  Even though we have a cleaning lady that comes in once a week, some things remain my sole responsibility. 

As i strut about in my dress, pump and aprons going about my duties, i sometimes wonder what some friends of mine would think if they saw me this way.  Especially friends from the past that I've remained in contact with even though we're now more than two thousand miles away.  Those that remember me from my childhood years or as a young professional when i wasn't nearly as submissive as i am now. 

Being "outed" for who you really are is a difficult thing.  Other than Jake, the only person i've been totally outed to is Diane's friend Linda.  i suppose i should qualify that.  Linda knows i dress, that i'm submissive to Diane and that i know about Diane's relationship with Paul.  i don't know that Linda knows all the inner workings of our relationship, like that i'm now having my "period" and am wearing a tampon!

It was difficult when i was first outed and when Linda saw me fully dressed.  No matter how much you prepare for it it's hard to deal with.  But i got over it.  Diane told me i was making a big deal about it for nothing and as usual, She was correct. 

i have no intention of living full time as a female, nor do i want people i've known for a long time to find out about our private life.  But people who would disown you as a friend over something like that are probably not the type of people you want as real friends anyway. 


sissy terri