Sissy Primping

From Merriam Webster:

primp  verb \ˈprimp\

: to try to make yourself more attractive by making small changes to your clothes, hair, etc., especially while looking at yourself in a mirror 

transitive verb
:  to dress, adorn, or arrange in a careful or finicky manner
intransitive verb
:  to dress or groom oneself carefully <primps for hours before a date> 
i find myself in a very feminine and reflective mood today.  When i get like this i often daydream and think back about my childhood and the many little "brushes" i had with femininity and the impact those had on who i became.  
My mother was a very attractive woman and always did her best to look nice.  She was a very proud woman and always well dressed.   i wouldn't say she was vain in a bad way, but never seemed to have a hair out of place when she was out in public.  

All of that took some time and it wasn't unusual to see her in curlers in the privacy of our home before she was "going out."  Seeing her that way had an effect on me, a feeling of intrigue and maybe even jealousy.  i sometimes wanted to experience the feeling of being in curlers and wearing some of the pretty things she owned.  

Curlers seem to be a thing of the past.  I'm not sure why and i guess if i asked Diane She'd provide me with a good answer.  i suppose it's because of all the various types of curling irons and other things available to women these days.

Nonetheless, today's one of those days where i'd really enjoy having my hair in curlers in anticipation of a date with a man.  Doing my best to look pretty for him and to make myself desirable.  

Wouldn't it be really sissy like to enjoy your morning coffee in curlers?

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