Wanting to be Jake's sissy

i've talked with Jake (the guy i met at the gym) fairly regularly the last few days, even though we haven't had our coffee date yet.  i'm becoming more comfortable with him and our conversation started flowing much more freely a few days ago.  Yesterday afternoon's phone chat left no doubt that so far, both our intentions are on the same page.  That's only one of several concerns that i believe have to be overcome before any type of intimate play develops.

We're having coffee together on Friday morning after we go to the gym and i would like to bring up one very important subject with him over the phone before that meeting.  Basically, i'm a little nervous about bringing up my desires to be feminine and submissive in any type of relationship.  i get the sense that Jake is dominant, but so far i haven't been able to  get a read on whether or not he would enjoy being with a man who wears panties and dresses feminine.  To each his own, but some men get terribly turned off by that.  Similarly, i would have a difficult time being masculine when with a man.  Basically, it just wouldn't work.

We're supposed to talk later today and most likely tomorrow as well.  Somehow, i need to bring this up to him before we meet for coffee.  i'm going to try to get the conversation to the point where we can discuss past experiences we've had and fantasies.  i also want to be honest and up front with him that my dressing (at least partially) is important to me.  i also don't know him well enough where i can reveal all my feminine fantasies.   i think by asking him what some of the things he likes are i'll be able to get a good sense of where i stand. 

Each one of our telephone chats have become more personal and open.  If this trend continues, and i hope it does, by Friday's date he'll know what color panties i'm wearing!