Wearing my Bra Again

It's a busy week for housewives (real ones and sissy ones) and some of us just love our domestic responsibilities.

Diane's at work today and i've finished running errands this morning and am ready to start in on my daily chores while dressed en femme.  i'm becoming a bit more risque when i go out in public though, although with the weather turning a bit cooler it does make it much easier.

My last two posts about sissies wearing bras have motivated me to try and wear a bra as much as possible.  i've been wearing a pink bra and panties all day and some navy blue tights but i doubt anyone noticed the tight fitting ladies' jeans i wore while shopping this morning.

i guess that most CD's have an exhibitionist streak in them but most probably back off before they go out in public out of fear.  The closer fantasy gets to reality, the greater the fear. 

i'd love to show off my bra and i wonder if i were a real female how liberal i would be with such things.

For instance, would i be willing to wear a sheer white blouse with a black bra underneath?

Does that make a woman look trashy? slutty?

i'd probably love the attention!


sissy terri