Girdles for Sissies

i'm a more mature crossdresser, so the things i like are naturally going to be quite different than a CD or TV in their teens or twenties.  Maybe that's why things like girdles, slips, one-piece bodysuits and petticoats tend to get my attention. 

Lingerie fashion has certainly changed over the last four or five decades, as have so many other things.  But I think when it comes to feminine undergarments, the lingerie of yesteryear, especially that of the 1950's an 1960's, remains quite sexy and attractive to more people than just those of us near or at middle age.

Foundation garments like the one pictured here are difficult to find today, but i'd find it hard to believe that a CD of any age wouldn't love wearing something like this.

Girdles and and other control type garments (including corsets) were worn with the goal of looking of either looking more flattering to the opposite sex or accentuating a woman's curves or assets.  That alone makes the wearer feel a bit more submissive and feminine.

i love that feeling.  Adding some pretty jewelry makes it even sexier.


sissy terri