The Bridal Fantasy

Sissies, CD's, TV's and submissive males have many fantasies that deal with feminization and gender play.  i think that one of the more popular ones is the "Bridal Fantasy."  i can't think of any other outfit that expresses femininity, or has the opportunity to put the wearer in an ultra-femme state of mind than the bridal gown.

Diane left yesterday afternoon for a conference that begins today and runs through Wednesday.   She called me this morning to let me know that maybe i should have gone with Her because there was a Bridal Expo being held at the hotel where She's staying.  It was a tease, but one that we both knew was so true.  She's well aware of my bridal fantasies and hinted that some day "we need to act on some of them."

Diane's call has me thinking about how much fun it would be experience everything that comes with being a bride.  The engagement, planning the wedding and of course shopping for a wedding gown!

The honeymoon might be fun too!


sissy terri