Real Men - Their Needs Cum First

my time with Jake last night but short but it was very intense.    i sucked him to orgasm twice within the span of thirty minutes.  Not that impressive but considering what he made me to to him, i thought it was noteworthy.

i may have mentioned this before but i love facials.  Feeling Jake's cum all over my face puts me in a submissive and femme mood.  The only thing that probably makes me feel more submissive is when he withholds that pleasure from me.  Last night he did just that, at least for a while, telling me that when a real man is with a sissy, the real man's needs come first.

Jake had me take his slacks and underwear off before he sat back in the leather easy chair.  He moved his bottom to the edge of the chair and lifted his legs over each of the arms and told me to lick his balls and his ass.  Simple as that.  It was an order, and i obeyed.

Jake was verbally dominant last night.  More than he's ever been.  He talked to me while i licked his ass, telling me how i was now his sissy, ass licker and cocksucker.  The language turned me on so much.  He knew i wanted to play with myself while he shot a load all over my face.  He would have none of it. 

When he was ready, he stood over me, shoved his cock in my mouth and made me swallow his big load.  "Looks like my sissy was thirsty" he laughed.

After another session of ass licking, he was ready to cum again.  This time, it wasn't nearly as big a load, but it still felt nice on my face.  He smeared it over me with his fingers, and made me lick the fingers clean.

Minutes after he was done with me, he was gone.  i still felt some cum on my face.  i felt like such a slut.  His slut.

i know this is a little more risque than what you usually find on these pages.  Sorry about that....it's just that i'm loving sex like this more and more and felt the need to write about it.


sissy terri