A Sissy's Lesbian Desires

i really wish i had a "sissy girlfriend" who lived close by.  Someone with interests that parallel mine, both sexually and emotionally.  Someone to share my femininity with, do girly things, shop, etc.   Maybe even a big sister of sorts. 


i haven't done anything to find that special someone.  With so many outlets to do so on the internet one would think i would have made more of an effort to find a girlfriend.  Shame on me.

My feelings  here are quite sexual and often see myself as having a "lesbian" love affair with another sissy girl or even being a real girl and in love with another woman. 

There's little doubt that if i were a lesbian i would definitely want a more aggressive and somewhat dominant partner.  i don't want to stereotype here and what i'm about to say isn't meant to be disparaging in any way. 

i'd love a partner who was a bit of a tomboy.  i think women like that can still be very feminine.  i wouldn't want someone who was real "dykey" if you know what i mean.  Especially in public.  But in private, she could be as dykey as she wants to be!


sissy terri