The Sissy Bra

Panties always seem to be the focal point of many forced feminization fantasies.  It's the article of clothing that gets the most attention.  They're probably the first article of female clothing that got a young and budding sissy's attention when they were growing up.

There's also something about being "put in panties" by a dominant or authoritative female figure. The panties also encase your male private parts, providing you with a contrast of what you're supposed to be and what you are being turned into. 

But panties are simply a feminine version of male underwear.  They're the brother and sister of undergarments so to speak.

The bra is an entirely different story.  It has no "male" counterpart.  Because of the female anatomy, it is a uniquely feminine garment.  It's also usually very noticeable when worn, unlike the panty.

A sissy can wear panties 24/7 and not be discovered.  Try that with a bra.  It's not impossible to conceal a bra, but definitely more difficult.

Many of my forced feminization fantasies involved being made to wear a bra, and an extremely feminine one at that.   And whenever i fantasize about being made to wear ultra-femme clothing, my fantasies always include cuckolding.  Specifically, i'm made to wear such things in front of my wife's lover.

Can you imagine having to wear (and model) this bra in front of your wife's lover? 

i can only imagine how much humiliation i would experience if Diane made me wear this in front of Paul!  What a cuckold experience that would be!

Speaking of cuckold experiences, i've added a new link to my blog list and i've also corresponded with the blog owner, James.  Cuckold Scenes is a blog that portrays various cuckold scenes that reflect James' and his wife Judy's experiences over the years.  They seem to be a happily married couple who have navigated the cuckolding waters very effectively.  James also has an accompanying blog The Dominant BBW, that features Dominant Women of size.

i'm not going to be modeling a bra for Paul today, but i am seeing Jake this afternoon. 

i'll be wearing my most feminine bra for him :)


sissy terri