Sissies & Sports

Diane's away until tomorrow so i've had plenty of free time to play with Jake.  Unfortunately, would couldn't get together until last night when his work day ended. 

His excuse to his wife was that he was going out for a beer with friends to watch a college basketball game at a local sports bar.  It was a very believable excuse.  He's a big college hoops fan and a season ticket holder for the local university team. 

Jake watched the game at our house.  i didn't see much of it at all.  He insisted that i spend most of the time on my knees with my head between his legs, focused on pleasing him. 

It was a submissively heady experience for me.  i've never spent so much time simply focused on and devoted to another man's cock. 

Even between the tree orgasms he had, i knelt there while i kissed, licked and simply worshiped his privates. 

He's stopping by again tonight for more of the same but won't be able to stay as long as last night.

Maybe it will be a quickie, or maybe time for more than one.

Either way, it makes me feel special.  Just knowing he enjoys what i do for him also makes me feel so girly.  Even slutty.

i think i'll wear something more sexy than sissy tonight. 

i feel more womanly than sissyish.

i can't wait to please him again!


sissy terri