Girly Stuff

It once was that i, probably unlike many other young men with sissy fantasies, was thrilled just to be able to slip into a pair of my sister's or mom's panties.  Another feminine garment like a bra just put me over the edge!

The passing of time along with a growing comfort level with my sexuality and preferences for all things feminine has led to a growing desire to include more and more feminine garments and accessories.

Yesterday i mentioned wearing a necklace with a white one piece foundation garment and how sexy it would make me feel.  Simply adding jewelry to lingerie makes me feel so much more feminine and submissive.  Submissive in a way that i'm prettying myself up to please my man.  i want to be his pretty little doll.

Here's a cute little halter bra that has some pearls attached to it, built in jewelry for brassieres!  The pink and white floral ruffles along the top make it one of the most sissyish bras i've seen in a long time.  It might not matter to the men we're serving (especially while we're kissing them between their legs!) but i think it would matter to us right?

Do you think the necklace this woman is wearing is a too fancy for a simple sissy session with your boyfriend?

NEVER!  At least that's my opinion.

The only thing missing is a matching set of pendant earings.

i'd love to service Jake wearing a pretty white bra and panty set and a luxurious necklace like this. 

Or do you think just the jewelry and a sexy set of heels would suffice?

Personally, i think some sort of panty is necessary. 

Doesn't a sissy have to hide their sissy clitty?


sissy terri