A Submissive Sissy Friday

i got to see Jake yesterday afternoon and even though it was only for a little while, it fulfilled my sissy needs.  Most of them anyway.

What made the afternoon more erotic for me was that while i was doing the best i could to please Jake as he was laying back comfortably on our leather sofa, i knew that Diane was likely doing the same thing (and probably more) with Her lover Paul.

While Diane was in some sexy black lingerie pleasing Paul, i was wearing something similar but only in pink.

i loved getting down on my knees for Jake, and i did it as sexily as i could!

As i paid attention to Jake, i thought about what Diane might be doing with Paul and it was all i could do to stop from wetting my own panties!

Of course, i couldn't share all of my thoughts with Jake.  He doesn't know i'm a cuckold even though he's asked me before if i think Diane suspects anything or if She Herself is "messing around."

The whole afternoon was just "girlie heaven" for me.

And when Diane got home early in the evening, i got to please Her also.  Putting my lips and tongue where Paul had been just hours before put me in another deeply submissive yet satisfying frame of mind.  i guess you could call it 'cuckold heaven."


sissy terri