A Desire to Please

i believe that at the very core of very submissive's desire is a strong need to please someone else or to be used for their pleasure.  In my own case, and i think in the case of most submissive sissies, crossdressers and transvestites, part of that desire to please includes looking attractive for them. 

i've spent hours getting ready for Diane and now Jake trying to pay attention to every detail.  It's disappointing at times when you spend quite a bit of time or put a lot of effort into doing something like panting your nails or picking out a special outfit or piece of lingerie and they either don't notice or don't even mention it. 

However, i do get satisfaction out of the effort i put into looking pretty for them.  If they say little about my appearance, then i take it as if it is just their expectation that i look as best i can for them.

The other day, i spent a long time giving myself a pedicure.  i'm not that good at it so it takes quite a bit of time.  i felt so feminine doing it and it put me in a very feminine and passive mood before i saw Jake. 

i knew Jake wouldn't be staying long and since i was in stockings and heels it wasn't likely he would see my pretty pink toes.  But i have to say that while i was sucking him and worshiping him between his legs, my fresh pedicure made me feel more like his sissy girl.


sissy terri