Sissy Shopping Tips

If i had more time and if i was technically savvy enough i would either turn this blog into a site where there could be more interaction among the readers.  Another option would be to have a sort of mechanism here where we could post some thoughts, ideas and yes....sissy shopping tips...other than in the comments section.

More than a year ago i wrote a post called Looking For Panties that dealt with my search for panties that had a seam up the backside.  My search for these was prompted by Jake telling me that he found those type very sexy.  Well, a woman has to please her man right?

i got a few suggestions and eventually did find a couple of pairs, but they are hard to find.  But today, i noticed a new comment on that post from a new follower, Jenny Jones.  Jenny referred me to One Hanes Place where they have a wonderful selection of "skimp skamp" briefs and others that have
lovely backseams that accentuate our sissy bottoms!    Guess what i'm buying today?

So don't be afraid to leave a comment, an idea, your thoughts, sissy experiences, etc.  Even if it's in the comment section i'm quite certain readers here will appreciate it.  i know i will.

And of course, sissy shopping tips are always welcome :)

Thanks Jenny!


sissy terri