Sexy in White

Sure, pink is my favorite color but i also have a weakness for a pretty bra and panty set regardless of the color. 

The color white can also be very sexy.  It has virginal hints about it but depending on the style and the wearer it can be worn so seductively.

This bra and panty set is soooo pretty.  And the way the model is wearing it just drives me crazy.  Makes me want to have full and beautiful breasts just like her!

i'm going to wear a bra all day today with some gel breast enhancers.  They're heavy and noticeable enough to give me the feeling of having cute little breasts!

i won't look like the model in the picture, but i'll have a lovely feminine feeling.  i found this picture on the The Dominant BBW.

She may or not be dominant, but she sure is sensual!


sissy terri