A Warm and Sissy Welcome!

i can't tell you all how excited i am to have candi join me on this blog.  We've talked about it for a long time and it finally came to fruition.  i just loved her first post and can't wait until she posts again, especially as she continues her search for a truly dominant man.

Welcome aboard sweetheart....xoxoxox!

i did some sissy shopping today and it was something that Diane "mandated."  This morning She told me we were running low on Victoria's Secret Body Wash.  It's something we both use and it's my responsibility to make sure we don't run out.  i usually buy six bottles at a time and we were down to our last two.  When i suggested i pick some up this week, Diane insisted that i get it done today.

i've grown more comfortable shopping at Victoria's Secret the last couple of years.  The more you gothere the easier it becomes.  Believe me when i say that.  i still get a little uncomfortable buying some of the more intimate pieces of lingerie (especially bras) but that too doesn't bother me as much as it once did.  And i still get a rush of feminine excitement when i get a special offer from Victoria's Secret in the mail in my name!  i wonder what the mailman thinks????

i did try to find something to go with my "Sissy White Sale" theme this month but nothing caught my eye either at Victoria's Secret, Macy's or even Nordstrom's.  i am a very picky shopper and i didn't want to waste the whole day shopping for lingerie.  Well, maybe i did but i had other things to do.  While most men where sitting on the couch sipping a beer and watching the NFL playoffs, i was out there doing my sissy thing.  Loved it :)

Would have been awful nice to find something like this to wouldn't it?  Then i would have had to go shopping for matching shoes and other accessories.  i can think of worse ways for a sissy to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The afternoon wasn't a waste for Diane either.  While i was out on my errand She spent about a half hour with Paul on the phone.  They have a standing agreement that he can call Her cell anytime.  She tells him if She can't talk then She won't answer it.  That rarely happens.  When i know it's Paul, i've got my orders to be very quiet.

And i always do my best to obey Diane's orders.  


sissy terri