Food for Thought - Sissy Thoughts

 i ran across the following on tumblr the other day.  It was written by the author of a tumblr blog called "My Life of Shame as an Emasculated Sissy" and was left as a comment to the picture shown.

i thought the comment was worth sharing...

"Most sissies are not naturally gay. 
Quite the contrary - their lives of femininity is so great that they want to go beyond having the women the so  more admire.
Sissies want to BE those women.  To wear what they are wearing, act like they act and feel what they are feeling.
That creates a serious conflict for a sissy, in that the logical extension of this is tat the
sissy must host other men's - real men's - cocks in its mouth and in its loins.
Although I am aroused by the intense humiliation of having a real man fuck my painted face or empty his manly juices inside my loins, for me, it is not a physically pleasant experience.  In fact, I find it quite unpleasant.
But I know it comes with the territory.
I know that is what a sissy is expected to do.  Even though I have now been fine with real men so many times, I can still relate quite strongly to how this sissy feels as it chokes on a real man's fluids.
Shame and humiliation are what life as a sissy is all about." 

This sissy can definitely relate to much of this comment.  Sure, there are very sexist connotations to the statement and humiliation isn't always a turn on for sissies, but for the most part my feelings are very similar.

i can't seem to be aroused by sucking a man's cock unless i'm dressed en femme.  And the more i thought about it, the act of being taken by a man or having his cock in my mouth isn't in and of itself a very physically pleasurable experience.  i love doing it, but the pleasure satisfies me emotionally more than it does physically.  The physical act does bring shame and humiliation i suppose, which in turns fulfills the sissy's emotional needs.

The photo, along with the comment and my own short discussion is a bit of a break from what you'll usually find here.  i don't intend on turning this into a porn blog for sissies, but i also think topics like these that touch on some of the feelings we experience as sissies deserve a forum like this blog.

Would love to read your comments!


sissy terri