Something for Everyone - Especially Sissies

i don't remember when i first stumbled onto the website Tumblr.  It was probably a little more than three years ago.  i didn't pay much attention to it at first but once i discovered the virtual treasure trove of sissy fashion it contained, i just couldn't stay away!

Tumblr may be just another one of those social media type of sites that burst onto the scene and then fade away, but i tend to doubt it.  It seems to have something for everyone.  Whether your tastes run from cooking to crossdressing, Tumblr has a multitude of sites that probably suit you perfectly.

Just about the same time i started blogging here (January 2012) i also began a Tumblr blog by the same name.  A blog like this one can be a lot of work as evidenced by the many who over time slow down their posts or just disappear completely.  Posting a blog like this requires a commitment to post on a regular basis and an effort to make it interesting to readers.  In my case, it also requires a willingness to share some personal thoughts with your followers.

Now where else could you find something like this????
A Tumblr blog requires less time because it's mostly a "re-blogging" of photos you like.  You can add comments, links, etc. but it's nowhere near the work a blog like this is.  You can also queue up photos to be posted to keep your blog consistent and fresh.  The photos you re-blog are an expression of your own desires, fantasies, dreams, lifestyle and so many other things. 

This past year, my own Tumblr blog "A Married Sissy" saw its number of followers just skyrocket.  Like this blog, it really doesn't get into the porn aspect of FemDom, Crossdressing, Cuckolding and other related subjects.  Instead, i try to keep it sort of "PG-rated."  Sometimes i do slip and it might move up to "R"!!!! 

A Married Sissy on Tumblr now has more than 3,500 followers!  There are many, many blogs with far more followers, but i think that it's refreshing to know that there are many more of us out there who enjoy expressing our feminine sides. 

And by the way, there are probably almost as many men out there who enjoy and fantasize about sissies like us!

So stop by my tumblr blog and take a peek.  Stroll through the archives and see if there's something you like.  Believe me when i say if you sign up and start surfing around, you won't be disappointed.


sissy terri