Sissy Satisfaction

i haven't seen Jake since before Christmas but that's about to change this afternoon.  Our semi-regular Friday afternoon meetings are back on.  That makes me a very happy and i hope, soon to be satisfied sissy!

His phone call this morning got me immediately thinking about what i should wear when he interrupted my thoughts with "I have a special request for you.  I hope you don't think it's too kinky."  Too kinky?  Like, what have you been waiting for!!!

Jake proceeded to ask me if i could wear something of Diane's.  i'm sure he knows i wouldn't fit into just about any of Her dresses (my shoulders are a too broad) but i could easily slip into some of Her lingerie.  Naturally, i told him "of course" but really wanted to ask Him why.  He was pressed for time but i am definitely going to ask Him. 

This would be perfect!
i went over the possible reasons he wants me to do this in my own mind and there are more than just the obvious one - Jake fantasizing about Diane.  And, if that's the case then here I am Wife who's cuckolding me and my own lover who might want to do the same! 

i had to call Diane and ask for permission to wear something of Her's (i chose a white negligee and some other lingerie) and discussed what Jake had asked me.  "Whatever he tells you, leave well enough alone" was what She said.  Diane thinks Jake is handsome but Her interests obviously lie with Paul.

i'm happy to leave well enough alone.  Keeping Jake all to myself isn't that bad :)


sissy terri