Her Sissy Princess & Cuckold

An unexpected business trip kept me from blogging this week.  i'd committed to spending less time doing consulting but when an old client (and friend) calls, it's very hard to say no.  But my absence from blogging, and from home, did provide a special opportunity.  Just not for me.

i left Monday afternoon and didn't get back until just a couple of hours ago, leaving Diane with the house to herself Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.  As a Wife who cuckolds Her husband, Diane took advantage of this opportunity so that She wouldn't be home alone all of the time.

Her lover Paul was over on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for awhile, Diane convincing him that it was completely safe and that i was more than a thousand miles away.  From what Diane told me,  Paul didn't seem nervous or anxious at all and "he performed as splendidly as ever."

Diane took the opportunity to playfully tease me a few times on the nights Paul was around.  The first text i got from Her read "Having fun but miss my sissy princess."  What kind sissy cuckold wife wouldn't appreciate receiving a message like that?  Only an ungrateful one. 

There were more texts, including one with instructions to call Her in about 15 minutes.  Doing as i was told She answered after several rings and it was evident that i'd interrupted something pretty strenuous.  Typical Diane -the entire scene  perfectly arranged to tease me and reassure Paul that Her spouse was clueless.  Ignoring my side of the conversation, She simply said what She wanted to say and let Her little ruse play out. 

"You caught me on the treadmill" She laughed.  A little small talk and She closed by saying "Why don't you let me finish my workout, shower and I'll call you in a couple of hours?"  Sounded like a plan to me so i agreed.  "You are such a sweetheart" She said with another sexy giggle.

Diane's confident personality, Her ability to play both Paul and i perfectly and Her desire to have a kinky kind of fun throughout often makes me nervous at times.  She on the other hand seems to thrive on it. 

As accepting i am of my status in this relationship and assured of Diane's love. instances like this are difficult to deal with.  The emotions i experience and the arousal are even more difficult to explain.  i doubt i'm the only cuckold to feel this way.


sissy terri