Sex Between a Wife and Her Sissy

Often enough i get questions via email from followers of either this or my tumblr blog.  i do my best to respond to all of them privately unless they're just downright nasty and crude.  i haven't really made a habit of answering any of them here but as i thought about it this week after getting an email from a regular reader of this blog, i decided it might not be a bad idea to share some of these with you.

The question that prompted my decision came from a reader named "Tom" who discovered my blog a little while ago.  Tom asks:

"When is the last time you had "normal" sexual relations with your wife? Or do you?  And if you do - do you still have "normal" sex? 
If you have posted about this, I couldn't find it. Your thoughts on this topic I think would be very interesting to share."
Tom's question is one i've received before but it did make me stop and think, trying to remember the last time i had "normal" sex with Her, sex where i actually had intercourse with Her using my penis.  Try as i might, i couldn't remember exactly when it was.  i'd have to guess it was almost two years ago.

i'd be lying if i said that i didn't miss it.  There are times where i feel i really want to, especially when we're in bed and being intimate, when i'm worshiping Her and pleasing Her orally.  After She's had an orgasm, i would try to get between Her and suggest that i make love to Her like a man would his wife and she would very casually and teasingly rebuff me by simply saying "Uh-uh....that's not for sissies." 

While Diane hasn't come right out and said this, i believe She finds having sex with me as a man of little interest to Her.  This is especially true as Her relationship with Her lover Paul has blossomed.   Diane and i still have sex together.  Quite a bit actually.  It just doesn't involve intercourse in the "normal" way.  

i love pleasing Diane and our sex together always puts that pleasure of Hers first.  She also knows how to please me and thoroughly enjoys taking the active, aggressive and dominant role with me in bed.  Knowing Her other, more "traditional" female desires are satisfied elsewhere.  Again, that comes with putting Her pleasure (and how She gets it) first.  

To a submissive male who's looking for a dominant woman all this might sound like "submissive heaven"  It isn't.  Sometimes when i get those urges being rebuffed by Her is difficult.

However, the urges don't come as frequently as they used to.  As i've  become more comfortable with who i am, and especially who i am in my relationship with Diane, i'm dealing with it better than i used to.   

Despite the lack of traditional male-female sex, Diane's never once stopped reassuring me of Her love for me.  That's the most important thing to me.

After all, ours is not a "traditional" marriage.  Why should we have traditional sex with one another?


sissy terri