Nothing Doing - Something Brewing?

A rather uneventful weekend has left me with little to blog about today.

How's that for a captivating opening sentence?

Diane hasn't seen Paul this weekend (although they've talked at least twice that i know of) and Jake was out of town until late Friday night, so i wasn't able to see him either.  A kinky married couple left without their lovers for a weekend.  How depressing.

Diane's thinking about inviting a handful of friends over for a Super Bowl party.  Neither one of us are die hard football fans, nor do we have any interest in who wins or loses the game.  i think Diane just enjoys being social and hosting, knowing She has a "built-in" hostess for a spouse.  She also wants to invite Paul along with a handful of other couples and friends.  It would be the second time Paul's attended a party here.

Discussing the party, Diane mentioned it was an opportunity for both Paul and i to get to know one another better.  We share a common profession but moving beyond professional banter and small talk is sometimes difficult for me, especially when the person i'm talking to is having an affair with my wife and he doesn't know that i know!

i've come to know Diane better and better over the years and i can usually tell when She's got something up Her sleeve.  But She still surprised me when She mentioned that if "we" were ever to get me involved with Her and Paul as the cuckold, i'd have to start getting to know him a little better! 

i'd pretty much given up on that whole fantasy.  Diane seemed entrenched in her position that it was better for everyone that "we leave well enough alone."  Now this all of a sudden. 

Despite Diane's insistence that it's "just a thought, and unlikely to go anywhere" i know Her well enough to believe that She's already a step or two ahead of me in this thought process.  She swears She hasn't discussed this with Paul and i believe Her.  But there's definitely something that happened between them that's caused Her to change Her mind. 

Diane's idea has made me a little anxious.  She's probably right that it might not progress any further than where She and Paul are right now.  But the fact that She brought it up indicates She's thinking about it. 

"Don't get overly concerned about it, please" She said.  "I'll keep you in the loop.  You're not going to be blindsided by anything."

Blindsided?  Maybe not.  But i've already been surprised.


sissy terri