Lingerie For us "Gurls"

One of the sites on the web i check out once and awhile is Lingerie Talk (geez...i wonder why i would do that?).  The site recently had a story about their most read articles in 2013. 

One of the articles was about lingerie company called Chrysalis, that promotes itself as "a lingerie brand created specifically for the Women of the Transgender Community."  You should definitely check out the site.  There doesn't seem to be a wide selection of items, but that's understandable if you read about the difficulties they had when they started up.   The owners described the launch as "bittersweet" because of the uproar their fashions caused in the transgender community!   Read about the uproar here.

It's still January (the longest month of the year by far when you're in some parts of the US this year!) and there's plenty of time to get some "Sissy White Sale" shopping done.  i find classy white lingerie to be so sexy!!!

Here's a few things that i'd love to slip into just before i'm getting ready to meet Jake!

How about this beautiful corset decorated and enhanced by those gorgeous pearls?

Or this little cute dress?  Girly enough?

Or maybe a something a little retro?

None of these would keep you warm, but they would definitely help heat things up!


sissy terri