Bridal Gowns & Ruffled Panties

my sissy bridal fantasies are pretty well known to regular readers of this blog.  It's also a safe assumption to think that many sissies and cd's have the same fantasies.  The fantasy never goes away, always lurking somewhere in the dark recesses of my sissy mind.  There are other times however where it's very prominent and urging to be fulfilled.

Today's one of those days.  Diane and i flew out yesterday afternoon to attend a wedding later this afternoon in California's beautiful wine country.  i'm always just a tad more interested than the average wedding invitee in what the bride and bridesmaids are wearing!  i'm always a little disappointed when the wedding isn't the traditional type.

But everyone's are different.  Styles also change.  The wedding gowns in the next few decades might look drastically different than those we see today.  One recent trend i've read about is the introduction of pink as the color of choice for wedding gowns.  How appropriate would that be for a sissy

Just fantasizing here, but if i were to "remarry" Diane as Her sissy wife, it would be a tough choice to decide upon a fancy white traditional wedding dress or a pink one.  In a playful mood this morning, i asked Her what She thought.  No surprise that Her immediate response was that She'd make the decision for me!

Diane also knows how distracted i can get at weddings.  i wouldn't go so far to say i get preoccupied with the bridal fantasies, but i do sometimes lose my train of thought.  Maybe that's why She's insisting i wear a pair of ruffled panties to the wedding.  Pink one's too.  Feeling the ruffles on my tush might help me concentrate a little better She says.  Really?  It could make it worse too.

The pink ruffled panty i'll be wearing this afternoon isn't quite as pretty as the one shown here, but then again, how many are?  Isn't this one of the most beautiful pair of ruffled panties you've ever seen? 

If i do ever get a chance to wear a pink bridal gown, i'd want to be wearing a pair of these panties underneath it!


sissy terri