my Time is Hers

When you're in the employ of somebody else, your time isn't your own.  It belongs to them.  Granted that dependent upon your job, its level, the amount of responsibility you have and dozens of other factors, you might enjoy more or less freedom.  The same is true when it comes to any type of D/s relationship when you're the "s."  Your time belongs to someone else.

The more Dominant Diane has become, the more of my life She controls.  That includes one of my and any person's most prized possessions - their time.  There was a time when She'd ask "Would you have time to do this for me today?"  Those days are gone.  If i have something that i'd like to do, it's best that i ask Her ahead of time for permission, otherwise it's likely She'll have things i have to get done. 

It can get a bit frustrating at times when it happens alongside as other D/s type situations or dynanics that are at play.  As an example, i was a little frustrated last night that there wasn't any type of intimacy between the two of us after i'd spent quite a bit of time cleaning the house and preparing dinner.  Instead, Diane added to my frustration by telling me i should sleep with my chastity belt on since i hadn't worn it while the girls were around.  i've slept with it on before and admittedly, sometimes it's not that uncomfortable, but it just added to my frustration.  Diane's comment that maybe She'd let me out a little earlier tonight provided little consolation.

Then this morning, Diane surprised me by telling me that i would have to bring Her car into the dealer for an appointment She'd made as part of a recall.  The appointment was at 9 AM, in the city and about 20 miles or so away.  There was also dry cleaning to drop off, an errand, ironing and my other daily duties.  Fortunately, the dealer provided me with a loaner and i was able to come back home and get some of these things done.  All the while, i've been locked up. 

My frustration almost became anger when i got a call from a friend who asked if i was interested in playing a round of golf this afternoon.    i politely declined.  i'm not sure i would have wanted to anyway since it's a little windy today and i'm about as fair weather a golf as you might find, but sometimes it's nice to be able to decide for myself about such things on short notice. 

It's a lesson that a submissive needs to keep reminding themselves - rarely can you have it both ways.  If you want a lifestyle D/s relationship, the Dominant sets the terms.  The submissive abides by
them.  The situation i'm in is the result of my desires (to be a submissive and obedient sissy wife) along with Diane's.  She's trained me well, and enjoyed every minute of the training and its results. 

The situation however does have its good times.  Along with Diane's Dominance and demands, comes an incredibly understanding Woman who can read my feelings and needs like an open book.  Just about a half hour ago, She forwarded an email to me that She'd received from Amazon just moments before.  It read "Just for you.  For being such a good wife.  Love, Diane" and just below that was the message from Amazon that "Your Amazon.com order of "Malco Mode Sissy-Length Pettipants" has shipped.

i can't wait for the sissy panties to arrive!

No wonder i'm such a good wife for Her.


sissy terri