For Her Pleasure

Our Christmas Party is going to be in full swing in three or four hours.  i've worked very hard this week to please Diane.  She's been busy at work and i understand but it's been a bit overwhelming and i can't help but feel unappreciated at times like this.  i know i'm not, but most submissives are high maintenance and i'm no different. 

Last night i was really tired and Diane had gone out with a few co-workers after work for a couple of glasses of wine.  She was by no means drunk when She got home, but Her playful and surprisingly Dominant mood was in steep contrast to my own mood.  When Her suggestion that i get prettied up to "pay homage to My pussy" was met with "can we wait until Sunday? i'm really tired" it only served to make Her more Dominant, aggressive and wanting to exert Her authority over me.

"Too bad" She told me.  i was sent to the bedroom to get ready.  It wouldn't take long because She wanted me naked with the exception of my CB-3000.  "Get the strap-on and the lube out.  I want to fuck you."  Her tone was rigid and not sensual at all.

Diane surprised me by stepping into the strap-on immediately, an indication that She wanted to fuck me first.  The harness She wears does allow my mouth access to Her vagina, but it's restricted somewhat.  Same with Her ass.  When She was harnessed up, She wasted not time in lubricating the cock and butt before telling me to get on all fours on the bed. 

She's always gentle when She first penetrates me and She was that way last night.  But the gentleness didn't last long.  She fucked me while on all fours with abandon.  The fact that i was locked made an orgasm on my part difficult.  Coupled with my mood i was there just as Her plaything. 

She took me in several positions.  Doggie style, the diaper position, on my side, on top of me and even with my sitting on top of Her as She lay back and told me to ride Her cock up and down. 

"You love this don't you?" She asked.  i had to admit i did.  Had i not been locked i would have cum several times from Her deft touch with the strap-on.  Instead, i realized that i was hard inside the plastic cage and loving the feeling of helplessness, submission and being used for Her fun. 

i often wonder what fun She gets from doing this to me.  There's no feeling in Her strap-on, it's simply an inanimate object.  She does get some stimulation against Her clitoris from Her harness and how She moves, but i doubt it's a lot.  i suppose Diane's "fun" and "arousal" just comes from being in charge of me, putting me through my paces and using me just because She can.

When i was used to Her satisfaction, She removed the strap-on, set it aside on a towel at the foot of the bed and ordered me between Her legs.  There i stayed until i had provided Her with two orgasms.  The second was a long time coming, perhaps because of the two glasses of wine She'd had, but She said it was even better than the first.

After the orgasms, there was a lengthy ass worship session.  When She'd had enough She simply pushed me away.

"You were real good tonight.  Thanks for being such an accommodating wife" She told me.

As if i had a choice.


sissy terri