A Sissy and Her Skirts

It's an unusually rainy morning here in the desert. The sounds of raindrops are an inviting sound to those of us who actually miss the rainy days we experienced on a regular basis back on the east coast!

Diane always loved steady rainy days.  She enjoys them for the tranquility and peacefulness they seem to bring, but also because they seem to increase Her libido!  Rain = indoor activities = sex!

That being said, guess what we did this morning?  Naturally, our roles were reversed from the traditional married couple but it was very enjoyable just the same.  By 8 AM Diane had already had two orgasms and i'd my own feminine desires had be satiated.  It's a very nice way to start the day!

As we were getting ready to head to the gym a few minutes ago, Diane said "Wear something different today when we get back, something pretty?  Surprise me."  i answered that i'd try to surprise her but, unable to restrain Herself from being in total control of everything, Diane added that She'd like to see me in a short skirt today.  "You have skirts don't you?" She asked with a giggle.

Yes, i do have skirts.  and i'm thinking of wearing a pleated navy blue one with white tights and a pink sweater.  i have a few choices but thinking about it a bit, i could use a few more.  Skirts that are nice and short, feature my hosiery, allow easy access to my bottom if Diane is in such a mood and very femme.

i really should buy a few more skirts, especially one's that would work nicely with some type of sissy role play like a cheerleader or school girl. 

i'm pretty sure Diane would enjoy this look...

And Jake would love this one.....

And sissy terri loves pleated skirts....

Hope it's raining again tomorrow morning!


sissy terri