A Merry Sissy Christmass

Greetings A/all!

Our party on Saturday night was once again lots of fun.  At least those who attended it seem to have a splendid time.  Those who worked hard on it all week (me) just a little less.  i'm happy that Diane was happy with the outcome and that's what's most important. 

i did keep an eye on things throughout the party but did have a chance to socialize, mingle with everyone and even strike up some interesting (non-sexual) conversations with some people i didn't know that well or haven't even met before. 

Paul (Diane's lover) and his wife were there and everything seemed fine. i only spoke to the two of them very briefly and even though no one would have noticed, i did feel very awkward.  i don't know how else i could feel.  When a cuckold meets his wife's lover in a public setting, it's bound to be awkward. 

There's lots more to write about but it's a busy week. The girls are home and we're looking forward to spending a few days in a traditional family Christmas gathering.  On Saturday, Diane and i leave for a ski vacation.  Just the two of us.   Our plan is to stay for four or five days but Diane has all of next week off so who knows, we may make it a week long vacation.  We're driving up to the mountains so Diane said we can bring "plenty of toys."  Hmmm.  i wonder what She has in mind?

i'll post when i can, but i wanted to wish all of You a very Merry (and sissy) Christmas!  i hope everyone finds whatever they're looking for under the tree on Christmas morning.  But most of all, i hope you all find love.



sissy terri