A Sissy Christmas Season

i've been so busy getting ready for the Christmas party we host every year.  The party will be this Saturday evening and it's a little too close to Christmas in my opinion.  But when you're married to a Dominant Wife in a Female Led Relationships, your personal opinion isn't something that's requested very often.

Both daughter's arrive early next week and are here through the 26th, then Diane and i are actually taking a vacation together immediately after that.  So, there's an awful lot to prepare for in the meantime.  It's put a crimp into my limited personal schedule.  Not so much with Diane though.  She spent Her usual Wednesday afternoon with Her lover Paul.  Dommes have their priorities straight don't they?  i suppose their submissives do too!

Saturday night's party, with the exception of my wearing feminine lingerie underneath my clothes, Diane's lover and mine (Jake) being present is a totally vanilla party.  Sure Diane's friend Linda (who knows about my submission to Diane, my dressing and about Paul) will be there but other than that there's no sexual aspect to the party whatsoever.  At least not to my knowledge.

It has me wondering what a kinky holiday party might look like.  There have to be D/s and other kinky groups around the country and the world who celebrate the Christmas season with rather festive parties.  Those parties must be pretty fun to attend.

At least they'd be fun to shop for!

Here's a cute little outfit i'd love to wear to just such a party.

i'd even supply the cuffs.  Or maybe Diane would.

Have to run, there's lots to do!


sissy terri