Party Dresses & Party Bras

The Christmas party Diane and i host every year will be on Saturday, December 20th this year.  The invitations went out and the responses have come in with very few regrets.  As a stay-at-home sissy wife, i'm left with most of the planning and preparation.

Diane's lover Paul and his wife will be at the party once again, as will Jake.  Things went very well last year and everyone had a great time.  That, coupled with Diane's natural ability to control such complex interpersonal situations makes me a little less nervous than i probably should be.

Last year, Diane took a very active role in deciding what we should wear for the party as hosts (i guess you could say we were both hostesses).  We wore matching Christmas sweaters and slacks, but Diane was also keenly interested in my undergarments.  She decided that a ruffled panty and a sports bra would be very appropriate.  Since Her lover Paul was there, She wanted me to wear something "cuckoldy."  She felt the bra and panty fit that description well enough.

The sports bra was a compromise of sorts.  i thought a regular bra might be suspected under the sweater, or even felt if i were given a tight hug from someone.  This year, Diane's insisting on a fancy red bra with a panty of the same color.  "Something Christmacy" She said.  "I'll do the same.  We'll be like twins!"

i already have a pretty red bra and some panties of the same color, but this morning in my inbox i discovered that the lingerie site Her Room is running a sale on "party bras."  i thought it was worth the look and i found a few bras that were a little prettier than the red one i have. 

Here's one that i kind of like, but without some breast forms that would make it quite noticeable, i don't think it would fit very comfortably!

On the other hand, it would go well with the panty i'm thinking of wearing.  The lace on the front panel is almost identical to the lace pattern on this bra.

Maybe Diane would like one too.  And we could be wearing matching bras.  i wonder if that would be "cuckoldy" enough for Her??? 

Here's another gorgeous bra that i'm sure Diane would love!  It does seem to be more "fitting" for those gurls or girls with fuller busts, but i do love the look.

i love the detail in the lace and the slightly sheer material of the cup.  While the first bra i featured has more lace, i definitely think this one is more feminine looking.

The best part about this bra is the price.  It's regularly $66.00 and now on sale for less than $40!  In addition, i think that if you spend more than $100 you might also get $20 off.  Sissies love bargains don't we?

And just in case Diane decides She wants me to wear an extra piece or two of feminine finery for the party, i've got this up my sleeve ready to slip under my pants!

This classic lace garter belt is only $17.00! And the matching thigh highs of the same color go for $9.00.   i'm not into thongs, especially now that i'm wearing a CB-3000, but this sexy lace thong is $15 and matches perfectly. 

How's that for a very sissy Christmas under-outfit!  i think it would make any Domme quite pleased to know that her sissy hubby is serving guests looking so pretty underneath. 

Tomorrow - Sissy Christmas Dresses!

That's just in case Diane insists i go all out.  Don't worry.  Even She has limits!


sissy terri