A Sissy's Boudoir

bou·doir  noun \ˈbü-ˌdwär, ˈb-, ˌbü-ˈ, ˌb-ˈ\

: a woman's bedroom or private room for dressing or resting

Boudoir - the sound of the word alone carries with it an air of feminine sensuality.  The word is of French origin (surprised?), derived from the verb "bouder" which  means to sulk.  My maternal grandparents were both French and i recall as a child being told that if i was going to sulk, then i'd have to go to my room.  i suppose then a boudoir would also be a private room for one to sulk or be left alone with their sullen or better yet "sissy" thoughts.

Historically boudoirs were the rooms of rather upper class women, separate from their regular bedrooms.  They were a place to sit, relax or spend time in various activities, including the hosting of their lovers.  i'm sure many an aristocrat was cuckolded by the antics of his wife in her private boudoir.  

Today the term is typically used to describe a certain type of sensual and sexually suggestive photography.  In any major city you're going to find many professionals who specialize in this type of photography, marketing their skills primarily to women.  Soon-to-be brides make up a big part of this market, having boudoir photos taken as a gift to their future husbands. They're also popular as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. 

If you Google the term "sissy boudoir" you'll find a treasure trove of boudoir photos along with some photographers or makeover specialists who cater to the crossdressing community.  Years ago while on a business trip to Chicago, i went for a makeover from a wonderful woman who also had a store that sold all types of clothing to TV's and CD's.  There was no sex involved at all and it was an absolutely
beautiful and memorable experience.

i didn't have any boudoir photos taken and it's something i regret.  It's something i still would like to have done though.  i've still got it on my sissy bucket list.

i've included some boudoir shots i find so sexy.  You can find these and other similar, sexy and sensual photos on the tumblr site Boudoir Divas.  Enjoy.


sissy terri