Sissy Christmas Dresses

As a follow up to yesterday's post, here are some pretty dresses that i'm sure any sissy would love to wear to a Christmas party.   Unfortunately, most of us will be attending rather "vanilla" parties but maybe some of you will be lucky enough to dress in one of these for a special someone.  Or better yet, with a whole group of sissies and their admirers!

This first one is somewhat plain and simple, but i also looks classy and is the perfect color for a festive holiday party.  It's got a nice waist with a  belt that has a pretty little bow and is easy to accessorize.  It's short enough to show off a sissy's legs too and goes great with any type of heel.  Naturally, the  higher the heel the sexier you'll look.  And don't forget a pretty little necklace and bracelet.

What i love about the picture though is that it looks like it's taken near the front door.  Maybe it's just before the guests arrive and she looks a little shy about greeting each one of them as they come in.  Just imagine getting all dolled up in your sissy best and as the hostess welcoming one and all to the party.  And how much will you blush when you greet your wife's lover?

This second one is very, very girly.  i love the wide shiny and glittery silver belt that accentuates here waistline.  Some waist training with the right corset a few months before Christmas might help achieve that look.  And maybe some dieting.  That's what girls do right?

Again the bracelet adds so much to this sexy look as do the earrings.  i love the layers of red chiffon on the dress...so dreamy.  You're sure to get plenty of attention wearing this sexy little piece.

You'll also have to pick up a pretty red halter bra.  Another opportunity for some sissy shopping!

If you want a look that's a little more elegant, this cocktail dress might be just what you're looking for.  One thing i like about this dress is its empire waist.  First, i love dresses with empire waists.  They seem always be a bit more feminine and comfortable too.  Second, i love the design of this particular waist and the cut of the bodice.

This one will also require a halter bra and i think it would look just stunning with a beautiful necklace that falls just about your cleavage.

My fantasy for this dress?  Let's say i have more than one but i'd definitely love to have Jake lead me to one of the more secluded bedrooms in our house and have me please him while in this dress....and in a variety of ways.

We'd have to be careful though.  i wouldn't anyone to suspect what we did when we made our way back to the party!


sissy terri