A Happy Sissy Cuckold

Last night i fell asleep by Diane's side.  All my consternation over whether She was going to spend the night with Her lover Paul was for naught.  Shortly after 8:30 PM Diane sent me a text to let me know She was on Her way home.

i don't know why i get all worked up over situations like these.  i've been a cuckold for awhile now but i guess the anxiety experience never goes away.  You get use to some things but others never cease to bother me.  i suppose every cuckold is different.  My submission, insecurity and the knowledge that Diane has desires for someone more dominant and aggressive all plays into these feelings.

When She arrived,Diane wasted little time in "putting Her cuckold to work."  i knew what She wanted.  The fact that She wanted it was the best feeling in the world.  As i was taking the bed down, She approached me with the key to my CB-3000.  She pulled my panties down and seconds later i heard the lock snap open.  i took it off and was quickly between Her thighs.

As i began to taste the mixture of juices She fed me Diane was a little more verbal than usual.  There was the regular teasing that takes place after She's been with Paul but there was more.  "I wish you could have been there this afternoon" She said.  "You would have enjoyed watching.  It was awesome, but it would have been much better with you there."  The words drove me crazy.  "When Paul spanked me, all I could think of was You watching, then kissing my aching butt."  It was nearly too much.  i almost came without Her permission.

When Diane stopped talking i knew Her orgasm would start soon.  It did, and it lasted a very long time.  When it was over i was finally allowed to masturbate in a sissy fashion and ejaculate onto Her tummy.  Of course, i licked it all up.

"Thanks so much for coming back home tonight" i told Her later as we cuddled.

"I'm glad I did.  That was the best orgasm I've had today" She said.  "I was looking forward to it all afternoon."

Now that was worth it.


sissy terri