Doing my "Maid Thing"

Diane had a meeting last night and wasn't planning on being home until after 8 so She gave me permission to see Jake if i wanted to.  He got in on Monday morning from his long Thanksgiving weekend and i was looking forward to seeing him again.  Our time together in his office last week has been on my mind since he left. 

Diane and i also had tickets to a college basketball game in town last night and She even suggested i ask Jake if he wanted to go in Her place.  "It could be kind of a date" She laughed.  i knew very well that he'd want to go if he could.  My only hesitance in asking him was that even though the game would be fun, i'd still want to have some "private time" with him. 

i was afraid i'd ask him, he'd say yes, he'd really enjoy the game, we wouldn't have our private time, and i'd be far more disappointed about that than he would.  i think you know the feeling; it's like when you're in high school and you like someone or have a crush on them but they don't like you as much as you like them.  Makes me feel like a teenage girl!

My fear of disappointment didn't last long.  Jake jumped at the opportunity to see the game, but asked if i'd be available yesterday afternoon to do some housework at his place before the game.  "There's plenty of laundry and picking up to do" he joked.  "Do your maid thing and I'll meet you there and we can head to the game.  But before we do, there might be something you need to take care of."  Chuckles......

He made a sissies day.  "Do your maid thing..."  Now why did that sound so sexy to me.  "...something you need to take care of."  Guess what i was thinking?  And why was i 100% sure we were on the same wavelength?

i finished what i was doing at home and after putting a few things together hurried to Jake's house to start the housework.  It wasn't nearly as messy as he seemed to suggest so i had plenty of time to make it look as clean as could be.  i did laundry, ironing, made the bed, washed some dishes and even cleaned his refrigerator. 

Jake called me on his way home and i made sure to greet him wearing just a peach colored bra and panty set, white thigh highs, some white heels and a cute little bib apron - it was floral and didn't really match that well, but i liked the feel of it. 

Jake didn't even mention the apron that didn't match, nor was he overly impressed with how clean the house was, all the laundry being done, the dishes washed and put away or any of the other "maid things" i had done.  Like a real man, he just took it for granted.

He was far more interested in having "something taken care of."  And so was i.  So much so that he insisted that i do it not just once, but twice.  i was happy he came home early enough.  We were almost late for the game!

Oh....and i didn't just suck his thumb :)


sissy terri