Ski & Kink - Hopefully!

i hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  We spent some quality time with our daughters and Diane's just dropped the two of them off at the airport and is on Her way to meet Her lover Paul for "coffee" before the two of us leave for a 5 to 7 day ski vacation in the northern part of the state.

Before Christmas, Diane suggested that we exchange our more "intimate" gifts for each other while we were on vacation. So, i've got those packed away along with all the "toys" Diane wants.  The toys aren't just to use on me either...there's some for the both of us!

i'm looking forward to our time together.  Diane seems to be also.  She's been in a very playful and sexy mood the past few days.  This morning She even told me that i'd better be ready to be Her
personal sexy little ski bunny!

Maybe it's because we've had to be a little more restrained because of our daughters' presence and Her libido is on the rise.  Whatever it is, i'm hoping it translates to some sexy and kinky times while we're away.

i'll try to post during our vacation but...Diane might be keeping me too busy!


sissy terri

P.S. -  Note to Christine B:  i haven't forgotten about your question about "the diaper position."  i'll post something about it soon.  Thanks so much for your comment/question!