Sissy Secretarial Duties

i played nine holes of golf with Jake today.  The late afternoon golf date just happened to be sandwiched between layers of highly erotic and submissively fulfilling sex.  i can't speak for Jake, but it was probably Dominantly fulfilling also.

A day after Paul spent the afternoon with Her Dominant lover Paul, i got to spend the afternoon and early evening with my own Dominant lover Jake.  How fitting.

i met Jake at his office at 12:30 just like he said.  His admin Jackie greeted me by name as if we were old friends.  i'd only met her once before when i picked up Jake on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to give him a ride to the airport.  It was the first time i had sex with him in his office.  Today would be the second.

"You guys playing golf today huh?" Jackie said. 

"Yes.  Great afternoon for it"  said politely, kind of surprised She remembered my name.

"Jake says you're a pretty good golfer" she continued, appearing as if she was more interested than i would have expected.

"Well, i'm better than he is but that doesn't make me very good" i said with a smile.  She just laughed and told me to go right into his office.  "He's on the phone but told me to send you right in when you got here."

i walked in and Jake was sitting back in his leather chair talking to a client.  He pointed to the chair in front of his desk and i sat there.  It was a rather dominant "pointing" if there is such a thing.  He didn't even look at me.  He continued talking for a long time, interrupted only by Jackie who opened the door to say she was going to lunch.  Finally, the phone call was over.

"Are you ready?" he asked. 

"Sure.  Let's go" i answered, as i got up to leave his office.

"I don't mean to play golf.  Before we go, you have something to attend to" he said as he stood up and began to undo the belt of his khakis.  He walked to the door, locked it and by the time he got back to his desk, his belt was undone and the zipper to his pants down.  "Well???" was all he said.  i undid the rest, dropped to my knees, took his big cock out of his jockey shorts and put it into my mouth.

"That's better" he said.  "Let's see how long this takes you."

"This" didn't take me very long.  He got fully erect very quickly and i did my best to take his entire load without spilling a drop.  i wasn't successful.  A few drops dribbled onto the protective acrylic section under his chair to protect it from the carpets.  He made me lick it up.  "Mission accomplished" he laughed.

The golf?  I shot a an impressive 38 for 9 holes.  Very good for me.  Jake was far behind with a 43.  Very good for him also.  "Just imagine if i played from the ladies tees" i teased him.

Later at his house we showered together where i got him rock hard just before we dried off.  i slipped into a pink nightie i brought along with me and we found our way into the bed. 

i knew it wouldn't be an exact repeat performance of our time together in his office.  It wasn't.

i kicked his ass in golf this afternoon.  Tonight, he took care of mine. 

Today was one of the sexiest i've ever had with him.  Loved it, loved it, loved it!


sissy terri