A Sissy's Sexy Stockings

Intimacy has a way of unveiling someone's hidden secrets and fantasies.  The more intimate and "steamier" the sex becomes, the fantasies and fetishes are more easily shared.  It's no different with Jake.  He's become more dominant with me and in addition, begun to reveal some of the things that turn him on.

The latest revelation?  Back seamed stockings.  Back seamed thigh highs to be more specific.  "But back seamed stockings with a garter belt would be acceptable also."  i guess i have some shopping to do if i really want to please my man.  And you have to have just the perfect set of heels to wear with these right?  i've got heels, but it wouldn't hurt to have an extra pair or two.

Here are a few that i think he'd enjoy...

i love the heels on this one.  Don't they make the stockings look even sexier?  Got to put those shoes on my list.

i bet he'd love to have two sissies at his beck and call.  No chance.  Even though i'm a cuckold, i'd be too jealous!

Eventually, i'd want to slip out of those heels....unless he wouldn't let me!

Of course they do, but so do real sissies.  

And finally, i'd absolutely have to have a pair in my favorite sissy color!


sissy terri