A Short Chastity Break

Today's going to be our first day of skiing in a long time.  We used to do it more often with the girls until they were into their late teens but since then, i can't remember the last time Diane and i skied just the two of us.

We did spend a wonderfully romantic Saturday night.  Diane surprised me by saying She had booked a room at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast that had spectacular views of Sedona's beautiful Red Rock Country.  The room also came with a fireplace and a large jacuzzi tub.  It was the perfect setting for a Dominant Woman and Her sissy wife :)

It was very satisfying, sexually and emotionally, for the both of us!

We still haven't exchanged our gifts.  Diane says maybe tomorrow or on New Year's Eve.  i can't wait.  Usually when She makes me wait for things like this it's because there's a very special surprise.  Hope that's the case this time.

i'm out of chastity today because we're going skiing.  Yippee!  But, i've already been told i'll be put back in as soon as we get back!


sissy terri