Bridal Fantasies

i think most sissies, crossdressers, TV's and those of us who just simply enjoy feminine things have at one time or another harbored deep yearnings and fantasies to one day have the opportunity to be a bride.  In my case, those desires never go away but sometimes get much stronger than others.  They seem to be on my mind all the time for a few days.

We got an invitation to a wedding in the mail last week and since then, i've been playing the "Bride Fantasy" over and over in my head in so many different ways.  A wedding is such an important thing to a bride and under the best of circumstances, could involve more than a year of planning with so many different details to attend to.  Many of those are special emotional and sometimes intimate activities that involve friends and family; special times that they never forget.

Diane knows very well about my bridal fantasies and even though we've played with it a little bit, we haven't gone "all the way" with me dressing as a bride and having a wedding ceremony.  She's told me that some day we'll do that and I hope we follow through with it.  She's dressed me in white lingerie many times before She's made love to me and the last wedding we attended, had me dress in white lingerie under my clothes!  i wrote about it in this post.

If i were a bride, there's one thing that i would love to do on my wedding night.  i know there's so much beautiful bridal lingerie available, but if it were up to me, i'd be waiting for my husband in bed on that special night, wearing at least a piece or two of the gown i had worn that day (especially the wedding veil)  i'd want him to make love to me while i'm dressed as His bride!

The wedding isn't until later this summer so i hope i snap out of my fantasy bridal trance soon and move on to other things.  Otherwise, it's going to be a long HOT summer.