Sunday Shorts

Today's post is going to be a short one.  We're on our way to Diane's mother's house and overall it's been a pretty busy weekend.  Here are just a few "short" thoughts and things to share with you...

  • Went to the gym with Diane yesterday but didn't run into Jake.  Diane wants to check him out eventually before She gives me Her "blessing" to be with him, if that's what he's really looking for.  Interesting how She is with Brian and he doesn't know that i know about his affair with Diane, and the same thing could happen with Jake if we end up together.  
  • i still have my period and will have to stop at CVS or Walgreen's later today.  Diane's insisted i wear tampons and I'm down to my last one.  Guess who's going to run in to buy them today?
  • i am away this week for one night but it doesn't look like that night will work out for Diane and Brian.  i may have to make myself scarce on another day this week so they can have our home to themselves.   It could come on short notice also.
  • And since this is a short post, i thought i'd share the following picture with you.  I just love short-shorts, hot pants, short and tight cutoff jeans, etc.  They make me feel so femme.

  • i wish my ass looked like hers.  It doesn't, but i'm working on it!