Cuckold Feelings

Diane's been a little edgy this week since returning from our short trip for a graduation.  There were also a few issues at the office that She had to deal with while we were away and She knew what was waiting for Her when She returned.

Also, Her last meeting with Brian took place last Wednesday night while i was away.  It's probably going to be another two weeks before She seems him again and i think that's putting Her in a down mood.  She's always told me this is just a sexual thing and i believe Her, but sometimes i need to hear it just to reaffirm it.  So the other night, i asked Her if She missed Brian and Her answer was more or less what i expected, but still difficult to hear.

"Of course I miss him because of the sex.  I don't miss him much when it comes to being with him or the companionship.  He's nice and he's fun, but it's the sex I miss" She told me.  After a pause She added "Wouldn't you miss it if I didn't fuck you for a few weeks?"

Those were Her exact words.  She doesn't use the "F" word often, almost never.  i told Her that yes, i would miss it, but then i went on to over-analyze what She had said and began to think if i would miss it the same way She misses Her sex with Brian?

Part of the reason i would miss being made love to by Diane is because of the love and emotional attachment that's involved in the act.  According to Her, there's not much of that involved when She does it with Brian.

i believe Her.  But the discussion was one of those little things that made me feel like more of a cuckold than i already am.