Being a Good Wife

We're having three other couples over for a dinner party tomorrow night.  One of them is Diane's boss at work, Ron and his wife Aliia.  The others are friends of ours with one of the couples already having met Ron and Alicia.  It's an important dinner for Diane.  Her boss has been somewhat of a mentor to her and Diane is on the short list to replace him when he retires next year. 

In preparation for tomorrow night, I've been busy all day here at home as well as running errands to get things done and pick up what we need for dinner.  As I go about my duties today dressed totally in feminine garb while at home, including my very frilly apron, I realize just how comfortable and happy I am when I do wife-like things.

I changed to go out and pick up the groceries for tomorrow night, but quickly got back into my preferred attire when I got back home.  Tomorrow night, I obviously won't be dressed while our guests are here and I'm certain Diane won't be making any inappropriate comments and ordering me around like the submissive sissy that I am.  However, I'll be helping her as much as possible, even taking primary responsibility for preparing the dinner.  Our friends know I enjoy cooking and am quite good at it, so that won't be anything unusual for them to see.

If society were more accepting, I wouldn't hesitate to don my best apron and show exactly what my role is in our marriage.   It's disappointing but understandable that I can't do that.  Diane has other ways to help fulfill my desires.

She called me just a little while ago and asked "How's my little wife doing?  Staying busy?"

I listed everything that I had done and told her what I had left to do.  She also added a couple of items to my list.

"You've been a busy girl" she said, "I hope you're not too tired when I get home or have a headache.  I'm going to want to fuck you.  You deserve it."

I love being her sissy.