Spoiling my Wife

Last night's dinner party with friends went quite well.  It's amazing when you're leading a "secret life" and involved in a different type of lifestyle how comments made by others, as well as my wife Diane take on a whole different meaning.  They also have quite an effect on me and make great fodder for a later discussion. 

For instance, when someone commented how tastefully decorated our home was, Diane couldn't help but mention how I was responsible for most of it.  "Since Terry's retired, you wouldn't believe how much easier he's made things for me here at home" was her response.  Even though we both served dinner, she also mentioned that the only thing she was responsible for was the salad, and that I had "slaved in the kitchen all afternoon.  He's picked up so many new skills in the last  year" she quipped. 

During coffee and desert, there was a sports discussion and one of the men was a big Chicago Cubs fan and bemoaning how poorly they were doing.  Diane chimes in and says "Oh, we have a good friend of ours Brian who is absolutely crazy about the Cubs.  He gets so passionate about things and the Cubs are no different. "  Motioning to me she adds "Don't you agree that he goes overboard at times?"  I obediently agreed.

After everyone left, I donned my apron and did whatever needed to be done.  Diane helped a bit and told me that I had done a splendid job in preparation for the evening.  "I'm so happy to have you as my wife" she said as she put her hands around my waist and squeezed me.  She undid my apron and said "Get this pretty apron off, head upstairs and get yourself pretty.  I need you."

There was no mistaken what her "needs" were.  They're no longer the traditional straight sex needs a woman might have for her husband.  I knew exactly what she meant.

Afters slipping into a cream colored teddy, I was meeting those needs orally, enjoying my space between her legs. 

"You really spoil me you know that?" she asked after her first orgasm was over.  Before I could answer she said "But I wouldn't have it any other way."

I lay there with my head on one of her thighs as she stroked my hair.  A slight nudge was all I needed to know she wanted me to please her again.