Exchanging Phone Numbers & My Tumblr

i saw Jake at the gym today and i doubt very much i'm reading this wrong.  He happened to be finishing his workout just about the time i ran into him  i saw him and had gone over to say hello and i couldn't help but see a funny grin on his face.  We talked for a few minutes and once again he seemed to be looking me over, glancing at my smooth legs more than once.

i'd be lying if i didn't admit to doing the same.  Jake's a pretty muscular guy and i also enjoyed looking at his muscular arms and legs, and even sneaking a peek at his crotch!  It felt so naughty.  i was in this feminine mood and all giddy that we had seen each other when he said "Why don't we exchange cell numbers.  It might be easier to coordinate our coffee date."

We walked over to a desk in that's in the corner of the room where sometimes one of the trainers sits between appointments and got a piece of paper and a pen to write our numbers down.

"Is there any time that's not good to call?" he asked.

i hesitated for a moment and thought about it.  "Not really, if i can't talk, i'll just say so and i'll call you back when it's good for you.  How about you?" i asked him.

"Evenings aren't the best but days are usually good.  If I can't talk, I'll just say you have the wrong number" he said with that infections grin again.

In my opinion, the way he was acting was a pretty good indication that he wanted our friendship to be discreet in some way.  We shook hands and he patted me on the back before he left, telling me that he was happy we saw each other today.  "If I don't see you here tomorrow, I'll call you and we can set up a time for coffee" he said.

i can still feel his strong handshake and firm pat on the back.  i really hope this works out!

My Tumblr Blog

Thanks to those of you who have visited (and even commented) over at my Tumblr blog, also called "A Married Sissy."  Tumblr is an interesting phenomenon.  Millions of pictures make up various collections that typically reflect a person's interest. 

I've tried to keep my Tumblr blog free from porn-like photos (not that i don't find those arousing) and focused on those items that reflect my feminine feelings and tastes.  i try to do that here as well, opting not to show more graphic sexual images.  Again, it's just my personal preference, for now anyway!

If you have any suggestions, comments, opinions, etc....please let me know.  i value everyone's feedback!